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 Sexy You Tonight ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MSSWeek30 #Saturday7

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Welcome to the 30th week of My Sexy Saturday and our final Saturday of 2013.

From My Sexy Saturday Blog: Have you ever noticed as a writer or reader that sometimes the setting more than helps with the romance? Sexy you tonight can be about that moonlit walk on the beach. Or how about star gazing in the desert. Or maybe just a beautiful pool in the hero’s backyard. They all sexy you tonight. Where sexy is can be just as important as just being sexy. Whether it is on the highest mountain top, in the deepest ocean or in space, it will be special for your characters. So give us your best sexy you tonight. Tell us about that special place where only lovers go.

From Howdy, Ma’am. The first book in the Bull Rider Series. Set-up: Before the season begins, Velia and Caulder are getting to know each other. It has to start somewhere—

The setting is a star-studded sky over the Sonoran Desert and two bottles of wine help break the ice so to speak, beginning with a little small talk. Spending the night in a mansion can only add to Velia’s night with the bull rider.

“Do you think I wear a cowboy hat for nothing? Of course I shoot. Did you ever shoot skeet?”

“No, but I watched my father and his friends.” Velia chuckled. “Who you fooling, you’re not a real cowboy. So says you.”

“Damn, you’re good.” Caulder laughed. “It’s time you tried.” He grabbed her hand. “Come on, the sun is setting and I want you to see this.”

Caulder lit a fire in the pit and they sat in comfortable, wooden deck chairs with a glass of red wine and the bottle between them. “Here it goes. Watch before it drops off the face of the earth. Look, there it goes, going, going, almost gone.”

They relaxed in quiet until the burning ball dropped all the way below the horizon leaving a flaming orange sky in its wake. The foreground glowed, amazingly changing colors before their eyes. The tall cacti stood silhouetted against the blazing backdrop. Shadows became more prominent against the mountains, and the sky turned red behind them, leaving the rock face glowing. It wasn’t long before the sky darkened to deep purple, midnight blue, and then black. Caulder opened the second bottle of wine. “This one is for the zillion stars you’re about to see. And if we’re lucky, we might see a shooting star or two.”

 Velia gazed at the darkness above. “I love the sky when it’s littered with twinkles. I never saw this in Chicago, even atop the Hancock Building.” Velia laughed, feeling comfortable beside this near stranger.

“I’ve seen it a lot. That’s why I want it now. In Pennsylvania, we have lots of property and we’re away from city lights. Yep, always had twinkles in my sky.”

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© Johanna Goodyear | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Johanna Goodyear | Dreamstime Stock Photos