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Hello! I’m back. I’ve been away from my blog and My Sexy Saturday. Today I have something that fits the theme for this thirty-fourth week. Not my thirty-fourth week though. Of course you can visit the other participants. Many of them have been around for the full thirty-four weeks. The link will also appear at the end of my post.

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This week we’re talking about those broken heroes and heroines who think they have nothing left to give to another person. They’ve stopped looking for their soul mates or don’t believe they even have one. They are truly surprised when someone falls for them.

I bring you seven paragraphs from a work in progress. This happens to be the second book in the Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First sight. You’ll meet Jase Carlson in the first book ~ Cowboy Boss and his Destiny ~  due out in early February. Book two is Jase’s story.

 Falling for someone can be difficult when you think your heart isn’t ready. Brenna has fallen hard for Jase Carlson. Jase on the other hand, is having a hard time with letting go of his heartache.

Unedited Excerpt

His words said something different than his eyes, actions, and kisses. He attempted to hide a longing. If she looked real hard, it was easy to find. “I’m not asking for anything, Jase. We barely know each other.” Still, she had a longing for him, barely knowing each other or not. “Everybody needs a friend.” Jase brought her hand to his lips again, but this time he touched the tip of his tongue against her knuckle then licked his lips as if tasting her.

Jase moved closer. “You wanna be friends with me, Brenna?”

Why’s he doing this? “Yes, if it means spending time with you. I think you’re worth getting to know. You’ve been broken and maybe forgot what it was like to…have another woman care for you.” He didn’t let her continue because he grasped her behind the neck with both hands and pulled her forward meeting her half way. He kissed her roughly, his lips devouring, his tongue parting her lips. She gave it all right back.

Reaching around, she laced her fingers through the long hair at the back of his neck. Brenna moved her other hand over his shoulder and down his arm, wrapping her fingers as much around his bicep as she could. Jase pulled away as fast as he had kissed her, leaving her breathless and wanting more.

He narrowed his eyes. “You wanna be friends with that? I can’t resist kissing you. That’s not how a friend kisses a friend.” Jase took her face between both of his hands, moved an inch closer. “Don’t you get it? I’m not looking for a partner, but you had to do this.”

Brenna took hold of his wrists, pulled his hands from her face and moved back. “It’s time I go home.” She stood and took her glass into the kitchen. This had taken a different turn. Jase remained sitting on the patio. What a fine mess this was. She needed to get home, yet, there he sat. Pacing in the kitchen she thought about what he said. His kisses burned, not only her lips. Something about him sucked her in but plainly he wasn’t ready. Time to get back to business. She went to the doorway and exited. “Jase, will you drive me home?”

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Coming Early February 2014

You’ll meet Jase in this book.

Sensual Contemporary Western Romance Coming early February 2014

Sensual Contemporary Western Romance. Click cover to learn more.