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I’ve been away from Thursday 13 for a long, long time. I think about it when I see other postings for it on Twitter.

Why I’m Sick of Winter  Yes, (12) 13!

  1.  For the season: 67.9 inches of snow. This is a record in Detroit. It’s snowing now, again, after eight inches yesterday.
  2. Below zero temperatures. Records were broken here, too.
  3. I can’t drive my new car. I can, but my son just dug someone else out on the road. I don’t want it to be me.
  4. I can’t see the cool color of my new car. It changes between three colors. I love it!
  5. In one day: snow, rain, sleet, ice, snow, and wind. Okay, so this is typical for Michigan.
  6. I’m wearing gloves…inside. (While I type)
  7. Three layers of shirts plus a hoodie.IMG_0274 2
  8. Pushing a grocery cart through the parking lot?
  9. Trudging to the mailbox. It’s on my porch!
  10. Getting snow balls off my dog’s paws. Okay, I’m being picky here. LOL, she does it herself.
  11. My son invited me to California. I didn’t go.
  12. Salt on my car when I can go out. But, I’m not complaining because it keeps the road from being slick. (When the temperature is warn enough, that is.)
  13. I’ll end this list on a positive note: It’s beautiful when it first comes down. To those of you who love it, I give you a big pat on the back. Enjoy.

 So you know—I could probably come up with a positive for most of these negatives. I like to live more in the positive than negative anyway.

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