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13 Things About Tristan Carlson~Hero in my New Release~ Cowboy Boss and his Destiny, with Quotes from the BookTristan 2

How did it get Thursday already? My computer says Thursday so it must be time for another Thursday 13 post. Thanks for stopping by.

1. He’s lived on the Double Dutch Ranch for ten years.

“I’ve been here ten.” He guided her toward the barn. “I’ll fill ya in about it later. I gotta get to work.”

 2. Tristan’s dad taught him ranching.

3. His horse is a black mustang.

“He’s a rescue horse and we make a great team.”


4. He has a young daughter.

“Destiny is four, well, nearer to five now, she’ll tell ya five.”

5. He’s a single father.

6. Tristan has two brothers.

7. His mom lives with him.

He snapped his gaze to her. “I live with my mother.”

8. In addition to ranching, he publishes a ranching magazine.

9. He barely gets enough sleep.calendar

Trying to make sense out of his calendar, she wondered when he took time for himself. His time frame for working on the magazine and ranch filled nearly the whole day, and he needed to pencil in time for sleeping. “He’ll burn out early at this rate.”

 10. Tristan hired Nora Trinity to assist with the ranching magazine to give him time to work the ranch.

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11. Six horses are in his personal barn.

 12. He has a boarder barn and boards horses.

“Maybe one of the adult riders will still be around. Victoria, a real barrel racer, boards here, too.”

13. When he loves— image.png

“When I love, I love with everything within me.”

Seeing him with his child, this was obvious. Did he mean…yes, he meant exactly what he said, and it was like he wanted her to know it went much deeper than only with his child. That whatever he loved, he loved with everything inside of him. “I sense that about you, Tristan. Your actions and words are heartfelt.”

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Cowboy Boss and his Destiny was released Tuesday Feb. 25, 2014. More info on the book page Here.