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Having No Sexy ~ @MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSWeek40 #MySexySaturday

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The “theme” this week from the My Sexy Saturday blog hop page: What happens when we’re having no sexy? When our characters are too tired, too ill or just not in the mood. We realized even though we talk about the sexy and doing the sexy and everything sexy, sometimes that just doesn’t enter the picture. Sometimes it is truly about the love between two people when the sexy fails them for some reason. One of the best songs ever to represent this stance has to be from the movie Notting Hill called When You Say Nothing At All. Follow the Link below to visit other participants.

Seven paragraphs from my New Release

This isn’t really a set-up, but sometimes a man has to do what he has to do.

Grabbing his keys from the table, he hurried to his truck, started it and took off down the dirt driveway—turning right onto the first road, onward to U.S. 60. He struggled to keep it at the speed limit. For the second time tonight, he turned down her road but this time he didn’t spin around to go back the other way. Pulling up in front of her townhouse, he revved the engine before turning it off.

Tristan peered into the mirror, took cologne from the console and slapped on a small amount. He plopped his hat on. At her door, he took a deep breath and knocked hard. A light came on inside and his heart sprinted. She opened the door—messy hair and rubbing her eyes.

“Remember I said I was a man of my word?”

She removed his hat. “Get in here.” She crashed into his arms.

Yeah, just want I needed. He lifted her and her legs went around his waist, exciting him beyond comprehension. He kicked the door shut and took her lips in an ardent kiss on the way to the bedroom, plopped down on the bed and lay beside her. “Let me lie with you. That’s all I want right now,” he whispered, breathless.

“Yes,” she said, snuggling beside him.

He stretched out along side of her, one long leg hooked over hers. He tightened his arms around her until he absorbed her warmth, scent, her passion. Tristan closed his eyes, and slept.

Thank you for reading.

Song from my playlist for this book. “Crash” by Dave Matthews


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