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Seven years. What does this mean? It seems like I went through seven years of my life in an hour. How?

My Dashboard. It was some trip.

Some blog posts needed an overhaul. Many didn’t have titles. Shame on me for that! Most untitled posts had been Reblogs. My own. How did I post without a title? I need to remember the next time I reblog something of my own – the title apparently doesn’t carry over.

What does it matter if they’re old posts? Why do I care if they have a title? You must remember, they’ve never been seen before by new blog subscribers or visitors.

Each time I get a new subscriber, comment, or a Like, at least three of their blog posts are attached to the email notification. I’d feel awful if a new subscriber had a notification from me with three untitled posts. Again…shame on me!

All Posts

I lost count of how many I deleted this time. Sure, that takes away how many posts I’ve written in seven years. Last year the same thing happened. Gone, part of the life I used to write about. Old books. Old life. They kind of go hand in hand.

This made me stop and think about the past seven years. Not yet a decade, but much has happened…changed—good and bad changes. Sometimes things like this happen so gradually that you don’t have time to realize until you see them all lined up in ‘All Posts” and there sits the story of a life…in seven years.

My past posts were more personal than recent ones. Remembering back, I can understand why. When you have time, take a look at your own ‘All Posts’ and pay attention to what you see. How much of your life lives there?

Good luck.

A Few Updates:

  • I’m working on Edits for Book Two as we speak. (Jase’s story. This isn’t the title.)
  • Hey, Cowboy (Bull Rider Series #2) will be released in July.
  • Since I have two books coming out soon, here’s my new Mailing List Sign Up address. I only send out important book update announcements and new release information. I did recently send a Cover Reveal announcement to mailing list subscribers for book two in the Double Dutch-Ranch Series: Love at First Sight.
  • Something else… Cowboy Boss and his Destiny was mentioned as a recommended summer read in an article in USA Today by one of the authors in the Passionate Kisses Romance Bundle, showcased on the site. Make sure you check out this book. The price is .99 cents. I’m not in the bundle, but it sure is a deal. http://www.usatoday.com/story/happyeverafter/2014/06/26/passionate-kisses-boxed-set-alexander-ely-gage/11415329/