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Today I’m giving you a sneak peek into Hey, Cowboy, Bk 2. (Bull Rider Series) This book is releasing in July 2014. If you don’t know Velia and Caulder, you can meet them in Howdy, Ma’am, Bk 1.

Caulder is the cousin to Tristan, Jase, and Dane Carlson of the Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight. He also makes his appearance in Cowboy Boss and his Destiny. He and Velia appear in Heartbreak’s Reward.

Velia shook her head. “No cameras though. That’s too freaky. It scares me.”

“You need to think it over.” He stood and walked to the doorway. “Where’s the damn doctor?”

She gave a subtle laugh. “Now you sound like my dad’s right hand man, Roy, when I was in the hospital.”

He turned back toward her. “Did you mention this incident to your father?”

“I haven’t mentioned it to anyone but you.” Velia pivoted and peered out the window at the dreary morn. Glancing over her shoulder, she asked, “Should I?”

“I don’t know.” Caulder came up from behind and hugged her. “Thanks for telling me about this. It’s not the kind of thing to keep from me.”

She faced him. “What do you think it’s about? Should we be alarmed?”

He pulled her against him and wrapped her tight in his arms. “I don’t know, babe.”

Interrupted by the nurse who had discharge papers in her hand, Caulder took a seat and Velia sat on the edge of the bed. The nurse gave instructions—also scheduling a follow-up appointment with his doctor, along with the CT scan. He had to take it easy with no athletic activities.

The nurse continued on, and after giving all the warning signs to look for, she signed the paper and had Caulder sign it, giving him a copy. Free to leave. Velia beamed with delight, wanting to lift him over her shoulder and run out of that place—roaring like a lioness—and carry him out. She grabbed his bag. He took it from her. “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

Sì!” Glad to see Caulder’s smile when he looked at her, it changed to a frown as he got in the wheelchair to be wheeled out. She had a moment of empathy pass over her—sure that he worried about the future, his career, and their relationship.

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