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You are not imagining things. Mary is actually writing a blog post. I’m sorry it has been so long. Hope you’re still around to read this sneak peek into Heartbreak’s Reward. I don’t talk much about Jase and Brenna, the hero and heroine here. Of course, Jase is introduced in Cowboy Boss and his Destiny, but I’m writing this as a standalone book—same as Cowboy Boss.

Double Dutch ranch series: love at first sight #2 Peek

Set-up: Brenna is new in town. She’s been having a hard time finding her way around.

Here we go:

Brenna no sooner got near the entrance and the tall cowboy came out through the door. His face lit with a big smile. “Wow, good timing,” she said.

Jase gave her a nod. “Hi there, Brenna Page. I see you made it all on your own.”

“I didn’t know you came here, too.”

“It’s closest to the ranch.”

“Thank you for the directions. I loaded up my car so I need to get the food home to the fridge.” He looked so good, rugged, dirty, and all rolled into a handsome guy. She hadn’t noticed how white his teeth were last night. Maybe it was his tanned skin making them look that way. Either way, he was smoldering hot. The intense blue of his eyes just sparkled in the Arizona sunlight.

“Yeah, me too, girl. I have a couple big steaks in here. Sure don’t want them to spoil.” He tilted his head toward his truck a couple rows over. “I have to get these home.”

They walked beside each other until he turned off toward his vehicle. “I’ll see you later, Jase.”


Brenna looked over her shoulder. “What is it?”

He stood there, two paper bags in his arms, head cocked a bit, and he licked his lips. Hard to miss that. “Have lunch with me. I’ll run this home, you do the same.” He nodded across the highway. “There’s a place right over there. Good food. How about it?”


Hmm, what does Brenna do next? Is she hungry…for lunch? *snicker*

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