Oh, my goodness. I’m reblogging another one of my own posts. That’s because I’m trying to get another book out, but this is a good post anyway. I’m not shy. (Sometimes.) If you’re new, enjoy. If you’re read this before, I’m sorry.

Author Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

(This is a reblog of an earlier post.) In an earlier post I mentioned I’d be posting a blog about how I chose the heroine’s name in Howdy, Ma’am and Hey, Cowboy. Her first name is Velia and her last name is Armano.

Her last name started out as Armani, but wait, maybe that wasn’t a great idea. After all, I didn’t want Mr. Armani himself coming down on me. Hah, like Mr. Armani would know about the Bull Rider Series.

I must admit to giving up a great line in the  book when I changed her surname. I’ll give a brief explanation about choosing Armano. First, I made it up. Si, I made up Armano. Then I wanted to see if that name existed. It did! Luckily for me, there were only a few families with that name in the region I needed. So, that’s how she got…

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