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You will find these terms in my Bull Rider Series Books.

The most dangerous eight seconds in sports.

I don’t know who penned the words above, but when referring to bull riding, believe it.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel Books, western romance, Bull Rider Series

I’m defining these words according to how they are used in my books. Some may look like they’re spelled incorrectly, but they are correct according to PBR Style Guide.

Professional Bull Riders.

Eight Seconds
The rider must stay on the bull for eight seconds once the chute gate opens in order to get a score. The eight seconds is safest for the bull.

Bull rope
A long, braided rope. The rider hooks one hand into a loop on the rope. He grips it and dreamstime_s_347745_thumb.jpgbrings the end of the rope around his fingers and holds that tight.

Like in bowling, you have a rosin bag you use on your hand to keep a good grip on the ball. Same with a bull rider. He needs to have a solid grip on the bull rope. You’ll see them running their hands up and down a rope as they’re on the bull in the chute, and this is what they’re doing.

Imagine a hockey helmet. Some have face guards and some don’t. In my series, Caulder wears one because of his previous concussions.

Protective gear for the rider. Velia kind of likes these.

Protective Vest / Safety Vest
A vest used to be made of Kevlar but now a thinner material is used. I asked my bull rider friend and he said they weigh around two to four pounds.

Thick leather to prevent rope burns. They only need one for their “riding hand.”

Caulder would sometimes tape his glove on at the wrist.

The rider gets another chance, on a different bull, if something happened on the original ride. If the rider calls for one, that doesn’t mean he’ll get it. If the judge calls it, the rider doesn’t have to take it.

Bucked off / buck off
The rider is thrown off the bull before his 8 seconds is over. No score for a buck off.

Hung up
When the rider is bucked off, or gets off on his own, sometimes his hand or the spur on his boot gets “hung up” in the rope and he is dragged alongside the bull.

The bull gets you with a horn.

The rider touches the bull with his free hand, or even his head.

Buckle Bunny
Women who follow the bull riders, or sit in the stands hoping to be noticed— like a groupie. I don’t mean to offend anyone by using this label, but it’s a common term. Velia is mistaken for a buckle bunny a couple different times. In fact, I recently purchased the book, Fried Twinkies, Buckle Bunnies & Bull Riders: http://amzn.com/B00CS8X52C


Caulder’s friend, Kenny, is a bullfighter. One of three men who protect the rider from the bull. Chances are, when a rider gets bucked off, or gets a score, when he gets off that bull, he’s trying to clear his mind and focus. He might not know where the bull is at the moment. A bullfighter will put his body between the rider and bull. They also compete in their own challenges.

Flank Strap
This goes around the rear of the bull and makes the bull buck because he wants it off.

Stock Contractor
These are the owners of the bulls. Caulder’s dad is a stock contractor. They also win titles.

Chute / Bucket Chute
This is the enclosed cage-like area where the rider gets on the bull. This is where you’ll see other riders helping him get his rope tight, and others are there to prevent him from being thrown against a rail if the bull bucks in the chute. They hold their arm in front of him. At times you’ll see them holding the back of his vest. The flank man/woman is also here adjusting the flank strap.

A brand of cowboy boots and also a sponsor of the PBR (Caulder has given this brand of boot to his cousins, too.) He’s so sweet.

Back Pens
Where the bulls are kept while waiting their turn. Bulls chosen for reride bulls are also held there.

At 8 seconds, a buzzer or horn sounds to let the rider know his ride is over.

Hot Seat
The rider with the highest score sits here until the next high score beats him. They used to go out into the center enclosure and talk to the announcers.

World Champion
The rider with the most points at the end of the season. He’s given the gold buckle, and a whopping big check of $1 million bucks, plus a lot of other perks. Not to mention being called World Champion.

Gold buckle

A buckle made of gold is worth more than $10,000 dollars. This is Caulder’s goal. This is the PBR World Champion 2013. He’s holding the Gold Buckle.

World Finals Held in Las Vegas in October. (I deviated from the real PBR schedule to make the story my own, or I should say to make it Caulder and Velia’s.)

Series Buckle
The rider who has the highest weekend points for the weekend’s events receives a series buckle. They win other things from sponsors like Ariat cowboy boots.

The bull riders travel a circuit from January to October with some breaks in between. In my book, the circuit went from February to November.

First Round / First Go
The first round up. If a rider doesn’t make his other rides, the only score he receives will be for the first round.

Second round/ second go
The second round or “go” is the second round of competition.

Opening Ceremonies

This video can show you better than I can tell you. The last rider out in first place, is the same rider in the video below.

Gate Man
The man who pulls the gate open when the rider is ready to go into the arena on the bull. Caulder’s friend, Stan, is a gate man in the books.

Nods / “Go”
The way the rider lets the gate man know he is ready to leave the chute.

Something happens during the ride. A slap to the bull is an example. The rider can’t touch the bull in any way with his free hand or body.

Good Draw
In the book, Caulder would be happy with the bull he’d be riding. The draw is done before the show.

Touching the bull during the eight seconds, the rope comes off, or the rope is released.

I’ll leave you with a video by Gary Allan singing “Get Off on the Pain.” The bull rider highlighted in this video, is my inspiration for the Bull Rider Series.

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