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It’s only days away until the release of Heartbreak’s Reward. RELEASED and available.

I thought I’d come in with a teaser. You won’t find this in the book though. This is a deleted scene. My own heart bleeds for this heartbroken cowboy. If you’ve read Cowboy Boss, you know the details that led up to this. Otherwise, it’s self-explanatory. This book can be read on its own.


Jase Carlson rolled in with the empty horse trailer at 2:30 a.m., unhooked it, and took a stroll through the barn to check on the horses, maybe hand out a cookie or two. Before exiting, he patted his horse then gave him a cookie. He dragged himself into the house, tired, worn out, driving longer than he should have. Dropping into a chair at the table in the kitchen, he removed his dusty boots. He grabbed a beer, and set it on the table in the living room to regroup for a few minutes before going to bed.

He went down the hall to kiss his kids goodnight. Turning the knob, he slowly opened the door to Joey’s bedroom. “What the hell?” He flipped the light on then ran down the hall to Jaelle’s room. Everything was gone. “She took my kids!” He burst through his bedroom door. Rebecca’s closet was empty. He pulled open dresser drawers. Nothing.

Venturing through the rest of the house, the only things gone were the kid’s toy boxes and their bedroom furnishings, some items from the bathroom, food from the cupboards. He opened the door to the back—her car sat there. “She didn’t take her damn car?” He stumbled back against the wall. What hell did they go through when she took them? What did she tell them?

Jase grabbed hold of his head with both hands. “Dammit!” He slammed his palms against the hallway 0013 smaller website textwall to hold up his quivering body, lowering his head and pushing in and out, torn to bits in an instant. Sonofabitch! No… He backed into the opposite wall and dropped to the floor, his face going into his hands. My angel’s gone. My boy…

After he quit shaking, he dialed his brother’s phone. “My kids are gone. She took them, Tristan.” And he hung up.

Text Copyright 2014 Mary J. Dressel

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