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You’ve seen my cover and read excerpts for months now. I started this book on November 1, 2013 and Jase Carlson has taken me on a ride I’ve enjoyed. Yes, Heartbreak’s Reward is released.

Thanks for standing by my side even though you’re probably tired of seeing my Jase and Brenna standing on a book cover in front of a “damn big mountain.” (Brenna’s words.)

HeartbreaksReward_LRGInstead of writing a post about my new release, I’ll send you right to the source–the book page. I have pages on both my website and here, so since you’re here… You can find links at the top of the page for all my books.

What’s Next On My Agenda?

Double Dutch Ranch Series:

  1. Book 1.5: Target date: November 2014.
  2. Book Three: Target date: Spring/Summer 2015.
  3. Book four, and possibly one more book planned in this series. Maybe the 5th one depends on who readers would like to see in number five. I already have an idea. The place in my brain where my muse lives is getting kind of crowded.

The Bull Rider Series:

Book #3 Christmas 2015

Whatever else comes up in between. There’s a dramatic romance/women’s fiction novel on the back burner begging to get finished.

For now, here’s the link again to the Heartbreak’s Reward page.

Photo credit: © Dmitry Rogozhin | Dreamstime.com