Since “Tristan’s Destiny, Bonus Book, 1.5” will be out within days, I thought you should get to know the hero in these two books all over again. Yes, he should be happy since he’s getting a second book, too. Remember he complained about his cousin getting two books? Anything to make my heroes happy. 🙂 (I’ve added some updates and links to his interview.)

Author Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

Tristan Carlson–hero in Cowboy Boss and his Destiny. He runs his quarter of the Double Dutch Ranch. 

superstition-mountain.jpg Backdrop for the Double Dutch Ranch Series

I feel lucky. Characters come to me in a certain way. When they appear to me, I know what they look like. They usually have a name and a career, and I see a bit of their character. Tristan came to me as a gentle soul right from the beginning. He has a soft heart and I couldn’t see changing his character for this book. One reviewer didn’t like him this way. (I’m sure they’ll be more.) I’m sorry. I aim to please, but of course, we can’t please everyone.

Introducing Tristan Carlson:

Tristan came in with his usual confident swagger, removed his hat, and took a seat across from me. Now I know what they all mean about his sexy eyes. They’re very unique.


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