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From MFRW Book Hooks Blog: Book Hooks is a weekly meme hosted by Marketing for Romance Writers as part of the MFRW Authors Blog.

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Hi, Welcome to my blog and an excerpt from my new release Tristan’s Destiny, Bonus book #1.5.

Set-up: Our hero and heroine are returning from a trip. Tristan’s brother is picking them up from the airport. Tristan’s little girl is with his brother. While they were gone there was an issue with a horse…the reason for the “evil eye.”

“I had fun with Uncle Jase, Daddy. He gave me ice cream.”

“Of course he did,” said Tristan with a friendly chortle. He nudged his brother. “Let’s get the hell outta here.”

“Aw, Daddy, you cussed. I’m telling Grandma.”

Tristan held the door for Nora and she slid to the middle of the seat. “How about I just give you a dollar instead of putting it in the bank, Des?” He released her to the back where she hopped into her booster seat.

Destiny held out her hand for the money. “Alrighty.”

Tristan waited for her to buckle in, closed the door, and lifted their luggage into the bed of Jase’s truck. When he got inside he asked his brother, “How’s everything? The horses?” He turned back. Destiny got his evil eye. She held her teddy bear in front of her face, yet peeked around it with a smile. “We have to talk, little girl.”

Nora elbowed him in the ribs. “Be nice. You just got home.”

She got the look. “Hey, I’m back to being a cowboy, and I got work to do.”

“Like I said, it takes more than a cowboy hat to be a cowboy. I hate to tell you this but you’ve been one this whole time.”

“I’ll comment to that later, sweetheart.” Tristan pulled her into the crook of his arm. “Don’t make me kiss you like crazy right here, woman.”

Jase turned the volume up on the radio. He peeked around Nora. With a lowered voice, he said, “Do I have to tell you two to get a room? For cryin’ out loud! Save it till we get back to the Double Dutch, love birds.”

Destiny giggled in the back seat, repeating after her uncle. “Love birds!”

Thank you for reading the excerpt. So what’s this story about? Read on…but don’t forget to visit the other #BookHook participants below.

Bonus Book #1.5

Bonus Book #1.5


Author Note: This story takes place directly after Cowboy Boss and his Destiny ends. This book can be read alone, but contains spoilers regarding that book.

On the day they met in Cowboy Boss and his Destiny, rancher Tristan Carlson told Nora Trinity it was fate…

 He fell hard and fast…

In this follow-up, Tristan and his young daughter Destiny totally give their hearts away to the woman with ginger-red hair—the woman they both love. However, a dreadful memory comes back to haunt him when a near-tragic incident occurs, leaving him to believe he and his child will have to suffer all over again.

 She gave up trying to resist his sexy smile…

Nora’s chemistry mixes with his and that’s enough for her. The rancher and his little girl own her heart without even trying. Life with her new family is sweet. But due to an act of love, will the man she loves succumb to the forces of nature—at the time when she needs him the most?

 Together, all they see is a happy future filled with sunny days. Although their days and nights are happy, fun, and bursting with passion, every day isn’t filled with sunshine. As Tristan and Nora embark on a new path filled with love and romance, their bond still needs to be strong enough to overcome obstacles. In this story, a man and his family vow to love without limits—to prevail—even though circumstances beyond their control attempt to prove them wrong.

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