Hi there. I’m reblogging a previous post. I modified this post a bit from the original. The main reason for this blog post in the past was to talk about an upcoming book. How I was writing it using something I was familiar with–to write what I knew about. That book is no longer on the agenda. Well, it is, but not until the distant future. 🙂 More images have been added as part of the reblog.

Author Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

I spent hours at this overlook photographing the bridge. (This is my oldest son’s photo.)

Do you have a favorite city? In my country, my favorite city is *San Francisco, California. So why should you care that my favorite city is San Fran? Here I go again, bringing up something for a reason. I do that often, you know. Remember the photographic equipment Thursday Thirteen Post? Yep, you know if you read it. Of course it was for another story. Check it out.

But, this post was supposed to be about a different novel to be published sometime in the distant future–Christmas in San Fran. <–Not the title. I say “distant future” because this book will be totally rewritten. Let’s say the whole theme will change, although the plot will remain the same, so I modified this post a little to Reblog it.

gg 3 None other than the famous…

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