Absolutely true, and a song to go with it from my author friend, Seumas Gallacher.

Seumas Gallacher

…a universal truth, ‘no man is an island’… neither is any woman… and may I posit particularly, neither is any man or woman who quill-scrapes for a living… the image of the writer ensconced in the virtual candle-lit garret is not so distant from the day-to-day reality of trying to produce yer literary masterpiece babies from yer own head… but all is not lost… the Muse is available… and for this ol’ Jurassic that Muse more frequently now takes the form of relationships on the internet… the SOSYAL NETWURKIN can be a bane… it can be a distraction… it can be the best fuel for procrastination known to scribblers… fr’example, enter the maze a.k.a Facebook for ‘just a coupla minutes’ and hours later, yeez can still be trying to find yer way back out again… but with that beautiful balance that is the universe, it can also redeem itself…

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