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Hey There!

Have I been going nuts or what? Sure, I’ve had to ask myself that question. Why?

nutsI’ve had this cowboy aka soldier living in my head for months now. At times he thought HE was the boss, and other times he let me have my way. Occasionally, he needed to be smacked, but other times only a hug would do. He’s been shot at, nearly blown up, out of control, in control, had his heart ripped out, has been doubtful yet confident, angered, but more importantly–loved.

Trust me, the heroine in this book has needed a lot of support from her author, too.

  • Cover reveal coming soon. I can’t wait to share.
  • First round of edits are done, except for tweaking a few things before it goes back to 649781q0vhzgr6l0_thumb.jpgthe editor.
  • Still hopeful about a late spring release. I appreciate your patience if you’re waiting for this one.


There’s always a “but,” isn’t there? He isn’t the only cowboy swimming around in my head. As if I had nothing else to do, I began to revise another book that is already published. That was a crazy thing to do you might say. Maybe. I had to update back matter so heck, why not go a little further. Okay, a lot further. I’m still not finished.

More Cowboys…

Would you believe two more are in there too? I must have a lot of empty space for all these characters to be floating around in my head. The hero for book four in my ranch series has squeezed himself right in there with the others. I wonder if anyone has a clue who he is yet. I left a big hint in Tristan’s Destiny Book 1.5. I can’t give anything away though.

Maybe you think that’s all the cowboys I think about. Wrong! I have also started writing a third book in the Bull Rider Series. A holiday with Velia and Caulder and then some. You know how family oriented they all are, so they’ll be visited by a few others because after all, I write books with strong family ties. ChristmasBanner


You may have noticed my home page has changed. That’s because I have left my other website, and don’t get me going on the host for that site because I’m not happy with them. I transferred my domain name to my blog here, which is now going to be my website. Still following me? Eventually, I’ll go through another change but I will still be right here.

Author Brand Logo…

MaryJ_Brand 3_fullres3

Speaking of website, have you noticed my new Author Brand Logo? Thanks to Dawné Dominique at DuskTiDawn Designs for creating it for me. Get used to seeing it around.

There’s More…

I’ll be moving so that is on my mind as well. Before moving, I will be umoving boxesnpacking “junk” from my last move so I don’t have to re-move anything that is, well, “junk.” Do any of you know how to add extra hours to a day? Please let me know if you do.

I have no idea where I’ll end up. Literally.


Is all this excuse enough for you to forgive me for not being around my blog? I apologize for being a bad “Blog Mom” these past few months, but when these heroes start running around my brain demanding their own stories, I kind of let them take over for a time. Hah! I haven’t even mentioned the heroines who demand equal time, too. In reality, this is a good thing…

I blame my sexy innocent muse. I’m so very thankful for her…

My muse.

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