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Happy Monday or whatever day it is when you’re reading this. 🙂


Being separated from the one you love can be saddening and lonesome. Been there, done that. Online communications have been known to bring each other closer– Been there, done that, too. Have you? I used to have my own “soldier boy” and writing letters was the only way we could communicate back then, other than an occasional phone call. Back then? Yes, a long time ago.


What about writing actual letters today? Isn’t this important anymore? Sure it is. My hero and heroine used any means of communication they could to keep in touch…but sometimes there can be a breakdown in communication…

Being deployed is different than what it used to be. As one of my resources told me, Afghanistan now has more cell towers making it easier to communicate with home.

My characters have learned how important it is to write real letters to each other…

His eyes widened. “Hey, will you write to me? I’ll write as often as I can, but I can’t promise that’ll be often.” He brushed bangs away from her eyes. “I’d love so much if you’d write me.”

I came across this infographic some time ago, and even included it in one of my newsletters. Now, I’d like to share it here. We should all give it a try. Do you have someone who might be waiting to receive a real love letter? What do you think they’d do if they got a real letter?

Check out this website for even more. I’m not affiliated with this site and don’t receive anything in return for posting the link. It’s just something I came across and liked.


Romantic Love Letter – What you should know
Love Letters

What do you think? Are you into writing real love letters?

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