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Countdown to publication…  Of the Cowboy’s Own Accord — Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight #3 Update: Now Available

#Western #Romance

© Zabelin

© Zabelin

Sunday Snippet: She longed for him. Kissing him good-bye before he got on that bus about killed her. He had lined up with the rest of them and they marched right on out of there, but not before he found her in the crowd and winked. That’s what she’d hold on to.

I’ll be adding one or more new song titles to Dane’s Playlist every day this week.


Army Ranger Dane Carlson never means to fall in love before leaving for another tour of duty, but unexpectedly, he does. While deployed, he finds himself being sent home early to the family ranch to make a heartrending decision. Little does he know he isn’t the only one making decisions. His first priority is to rekindle the flame after losing communication with Gracelyn Clark. The woman who owns his heart and has since the moment their gaze connects. But, now nothing is the same as when they met.

The first round of news is surprise enough, yet Gracelyn continues to release shocking information detrimental to their future. Can they make it work after so few days together seven months ago? Adjusting to many new things in his life isn’t easy as it is, so to pull himself back to the man he’s become, could be the biggest test of all—in order to protect his own.

Challenges abound even as Dane and Gracelyn come to terms with the decisions they’ve made. Whatever tomorrow brings, their only choice is acceptance—to take one day at a time and face life as it comes.