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Aimage_thumb.png national day to celebrate a first love? Yes! September 18 is National First Love Day. I’m a bit confused on how this day started. After reading this PAGE, I’m even more confused. LOL.

Update: It’s 2017, and I haven’t found the correct date for National First Love Day. I found two so far for 2017. One is April and one is September 18. Yesterday this post received more hits than I’ve ever received on my blog. I’m guessing the date is probably close to the eighteenth. Thank you for the reminder.

Let’s do it up right with a hashtag– #NationalFirstLoveDay

Speaking of National First Love Day…

A recently published book in a brand new spin off series is available. Why mention my book? If you like small towns, first love, and second chance romances, this one is for you.  🙂 Seriously, I didn’t write this post to talk about my books, but this one is about first love. So is the one at the bottom, in a roundabout way.  ❤

Western Romance, Mary J. McCoy-Dressel, Series Romance

Maybe you didn’t know this day even existed. Heck, I didn’t. I first heard about it on Twitter. Of course, Twitter. Today, it isn’t trending.

This site says this “day” was referenced 10,486 times on Twitter in 2015. I haven’t personally checked statistics. Now, it’s 2017 in this updated post. This is what I found for search statistics via a couple search engines: About 91,700,000 on Google. Wow! Here’s Bing’s result: 9,690,000. Today I came across the site below. Click on the image to visit.  ❤

How about checking out the Urban Dictionary to see what they have to say about your first love.

Everyone who knows me, knows I stay in touch with my first love from back in the day when I was “sweet sixteen.” I know, right? It’s weird. That makes this day extra special. I dedicated a book to him.

Do you think of your first love? I do. My dad used to call him my Heart Throb. When my dad heard his car coming from two blocks away (loud muffler), he’d say, “Here comes your heart throb.” LOL Good O’ Dad.

What song reminds me of him from way back? “Unchained Melody.”  ❤  Back in the day he’d been drafted into the Army. Even today I remember the ache from longing to see him. All these years later, I still have his dress Army hat that I can’t make myself get rid of. Too sappy? LOL Sorry.

Often on my way to shop, etc., I have to drive by his place of employment, where he has been employed all his adult life. (Oh, the memories of that place.) More than once, this song below has played on my CD while driving by. It’s a CD I listen to often because I love the singer. I bought this for every electronic device I own–iTunes for my iPad, MP3 for my Kindle… You get the picture.

I wanted to play this song below for you because maybe if you take a moment to think of your first love, your first love will be thinking about you. The song is called “Five.” When I post a video, I like to use the song from the Artist’s page, but I liked this one this time. Give the lyrics a listen if you like country music like I do.



How about you? Do you have a first love you can’t forget? Or one you’d like to forget? Tell us?

Have a great week. Thanks for your visit.

By the way, here’s another book where a new love blooms into a first love.  ❤  Please forgive my shameless self-promotion.