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coffee mug 2I have my caffeine. How about you? Happy Monday!

I’m trying to blog more often, so I’m brainstorming some themes. This could be #1. Let’s see how that works out for me. 🙂

I love music and it has always been an inspiration to me. Some days I will post a song from a playlist–book related, personal, or music that has stuck with me for some reason or another. .

Concerning my playlists for my books: When I listen to one of the songs now, I’m taken back to the scenes where I played that tune. It makes me all warm inside, depending on the scene. I realize this is more important to me than you, but if you like music in general, come along for a listen.

A lot of you might not like Country Music…

  • How many of you did I just lose over saying “country music”? Not too many years ago, I had turned away from listening to it, so I get it if it isn’t something you like. I rediscovered how much I loved it about four years ago.

I promise, all songs won’t be country. All of them won’t be book related or from my personal list. My heroine in the Bull Rider Series is Italian, so if I play a song from that series, it’s a good chance you’ll hear her favorite tenor. (And mine)

I’ve decided to call Monday: Monday_______?  I haven’t decided yet.

  • Playlist Monday
  • Monday Tunes
  • Get Your Foot-Tapping Monday
  • Tune Time Monday
  • ???

“Playlist” Monday won’t work because at times I will choose a video that isn’t from my  playlist. I’m unsure of “Foot-Tapping Monday” too. Maybe a song won’t be one you will tap your foot to. Some songs on my playlists are slow and endearing. On the other hand, many are worthy of a good foot-tapping.

As I’m brainstorming out loud here with you, I realize I might not always post a song. Maybe it’ll be a picture that inspires me. It could inspire you too. Did I just come up with a theme? Inspiration Monday? Hmm… Time will tell. In truth, something that inspires me, might not inspire you. So, we’ll scratch that title. This is as hard as trying to find a book title.

Since today is my first _______ Monday, I’m choosing one of my current favorite videos. I also have this song on my own MP3 playlist, so I can listen anytime I choose. This isn’t country. I first came across this singer while watching The Voice where he was a guest, and I looked it up immediately, only to find this official video.

The choreography in this dance blows me away. It evokes a feeling of sensuality, seduction, and love. The male dancer is actually the singer of this song. He’s one of today’s popular singers. Here’s a link for a Behind the Scenes look at how this was done. Creative minds amaze me. He had a vision to be in his own video as a dancer, and he made it happen. The female dancer is extraordinary, in my opinion. Enlarging this video makes it even better.

If this video / ?? Monday concept is something of interest to you, follow my blog or stop by another week to see what I come up with for our listening/ watching pleasure. This might be a bi-weekly type of theme topic.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed the dance. Look around. Maybe you’ll find something else you like.

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