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metal13Thirteen on Thursday. Okay, okay, it should be Thursday Thirteen. I’m not sure who runs the new Thursday 13 site nowadays, so I’m giving this post a different name. I like to be different.




What kind of perfume do you like? Guys, are you stumped when it comes to buying perfume for your lady? I like perfumes that aren’t too sweet or flowery, perfume bottlesbut are subtle and long-lasting. I love when someone says, “Mmm, I’ve never smelled that perfume before.” This is why I wear my signature perfume. It’s semi-popular, and once in a while I’ll come across someone else wearing it. I smile. They also make one for men that smells just as yummy and sexy.

One day I got out of my car in a parking lot, and a guy who passed me, took a minute to say how much he loved my perfume. He wore a big smile, I might add. With a pleasant thank you, I moved on. 😉 This happens often.

Do I wear all the perfumes on this list? No. In truth, I only have a couple favorites that I wear on a regular basis–#1 and #2, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like many kinds.

Some of my favorites:

  1. My signature perfume. I never tell.
  2. La Vie e belle Lancome It drew my attention because one of my heroines is Italian and she says: La Vita e Bella – Life is Beautiful. Of course, I do own this one. I had included a sample size of this in a Bull Rider Series gift box once.
  3. Chanel No 5 Chanel (Will always be one of my favorites)
  4. Flowerbomb Viktor & Rolf
  5. Cashmere Mist Donna Karan
  6. Chantilly Houbigant (For the memories it evokes)
  7. Dolce&Gabbana Pour Femme Fragrance Dolce & Gabbana
  8. Sensuous Estée Lauder
  9. B. Balenciaga
  10. Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal Couture (Packaging is lovely)
  11. Live Colorfully Kate Spade
  12. bella Vince Camuto (pretty packaging)
  13. White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor
    0_o Oh, no! I cant’ stop at thirteen…
  14. Paris Yves St. Laurent

Not that I can afford to buy all this perfume, but I like it for different reasons. Some come in unique packaging, while others have sexy TV commercials. ❤ Of course, they all smell yummy! Really, it doesn’t take much to please me, but maybe, just maybe, this could be the way to my heart. Oh, and cashmere, the real stuff not the perfume.


Have a fantabulous day.

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Perfume Bottles Top Photo Credit: © Zambezishark 

Perfume Bottles Bottom Photo Credit: morgueFile. com