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tablet days of week2As some of you know, after a little brainstorming, I came up with a few topics to help keep me on track to blog more regularly.

So as not to commit myself to posting to carved-in-stone themes, for now I’ll silently go on with my plan to see how it works out. Why embarrass myself in front of all of you unnecessarily if this ‘theme’ idea doesn’t carry through on my end? 🙂 You’d see a red-faced smiley if that happened.

Don’t worry… Every theme won’t be a snippet from my own work, or maybe it will. Shrugging.

On Wednesday, I participate with a Romance Writer’s of America® chapter, on Twitter. I’m not part of that chapter, but I am a member of RWA. Doing the one line tweets with them is a lot of fun. With that thought, I had the idea to do my own short snippet here on Wednesday, but I changed it to Saturday because I like the alliteration. More than likely, this won’t occur every week.

For now, this will be called “Short Snippet Saturday.”

For new followers, this book is the first in my Double Dutch Ranch Series, and the lightest storyline of any of the books I’ve written. This isn’t to say the book is any less sensual and romantic. It only means the story line is more heartwarming with less drama. A low-star review said it was like a _______ Movie with sex. Picture a movie channel that shows heartwarming, romantic movies. I can’t put a name where the blank is because it’s a trademarked name, and I prefer not to use it in this context.

This “short snippet” comes early in the book:


You’ve met Tristan here before. If not, he’s the middle brother at the Double Dutch tristanRanch and a single father.


Nora new Resized 4Nora checked her watch. If she didn’t get her butt on the road now she’d be late for her appointment.

She stepped off the sidewalk and strode toward him, heedless of the fact that he was a stranger. “Is there something I can do?”

“My daughter is asleep in there. I either left my keys inside or they dropped out of my pocket. I slammed the door before going around to the passenger side to get her out—it locked.” He shook his head. “I’m not sure how it happened.”

She stood beside him, observing his child in the backseat. “Can’t you call someone?”

“My phone…” He pointed to the front seat, “is right there. Knocking doesn’t faze her. I’m about to grab a crowbar from my toolbox and bust out a window.” He peered inside again.

Nora handed him her phone. “Here, you can use mine.”

And so it begins… That’s all folks. See you next time

It wasn’t easy to do the short snippet because I wanted to continue–to add more of the snippet. If I did, I’d have to change the word snippet to excerpt. Back to the drawing board.

Follow my blog if you want to follow along. For those interested in my books, I also have a Mailing List to be notified of new releases and important book updates. Info about my books can be found in the Menu. Rock on! Thanks for reading.

*If you own a copy of this book and haven’t read it yet, I’ve heard Amazon will update your copy if you ask, but I’m not absolutely positive. I have asked them to notify readers who own the book, but they never got back to me. Since there were significant changes, they might. It takes at least three months for them to decide. At Smashwords, if you purchased it, you can download a new copy at any time. I don’t know how the other retailers work.