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A title for my ______ Monday hasn’t been determined yet. I loved Teagan’s comment on the post Monday Tunes of Inspiration with the idea for Monday Melodies, but if I want to post an image, quote, or book. I’ll need something to add to it to reflect more than melodies. I’ll use this as an addition to the new theme when I post a melody as I’ve done today. Thanks, Teagan! 🙂 So much for alliteration.

This theme is evolving as time goes by, so each post is a surprise to me. I appreciate you putting up with me as I brainstorm. Today’s title works as a theme idea because it also covers my hobby, which is photography. Example: Monday Inspiration for the Muse: Images.

  • Yes?
  • No?
  • It sucks?
  • Work on it?
  • Forget about blogging?
  • Get a life, Mary?

At times, I’ll share images from others. My hobby has gone by the wayside. 😦

A New Week

Last week, I mentioned in a reply to a comment, that sometimes I can listen to Kenny G or saxophone music without any lyrics to distract my thoughts. This video says it all.

Sometimes, for writing love scenes, I close my eyes and let the sexy sway of the saxophone guide my muse while my fingers burn up the keyboard. No pun intended. Maybe. 😉

Remember, this theme probably won’t occur weekly on a regular basis. Then again, I might just be inspired enough to do it weekly. Evolving as I breathe.

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Enjoy. ❤ Have a marvelous week.