I hope you don’t mind another Reblog from my own blog. I did update it a little. Next week I’ll post the Thirteen on Thursday I had planned for today. Why next week? It seems the plan didn’t get finished on time. #Amediting #AmWriting. 🙂

Author Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

This idea originally came from a prompt I received in my email some time ago. The original prompt was for 10 things I’m absolutely sure about. Since it’s Thursday I am updating it a little and using it for my Thursday 13 this week.

Thirteen Things I’m Absolutely Certain About

1. God is real To me. This is my opinion, and it is my blog. (I don’t mean to be snarky.)

2. The sun rises everyday (Even if you can’t see it behind the clouds.)

Lake Michigan Sunrise Lake Michigan Sunrise

3. The sun sets every day (Oh, yes so beautiful.)

cropped-dreamstime_m_19865936.jpg4. The earth is round

5. What goes up usually comes down (Usually)

6. Rain helps make grass a rich green in color (I may never see it until August this year.)IMG_0300 (2)7. Murphy’s Law exists This needs to be in capital letters.

8. My dog loves me ❤ (Aww…

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