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Here we are! Another weekend. College football weekend in my neck of the woods. Brr2Two of our big rival colleges are playing each other and this should be good. Tailgating will be cold. This was the first day with frost on the car windows. My cousin in the upper part of the state had three inches of snow. EKK!

Enough blabbering. Today is also Saturday so you know what that means. Yes, you got it! While doing my Wednesday thing on Twitter this week, I came across a snippet for today in my newest release, an Amazon #1 Best Seller: Of the Cowboy’s Own Accord.

From the Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight, a #Western #Romance series with gentlemen #Cowboys (with a touch of bad) and the heroines who know how to handle them.)

Dane is my military cowboy, and the youngest Carlson brother. He’s home on leave and not necessarily by choice:

Dane woke with a start and sat up in bed. His heart pounded when he didn’t have a gun. One deep breath led to another. Normal breathing didn’t come easy. Normal? What is normal? No gun. No Army. Not a damn thing was normal. His throat clenched as he tried to swallow while his gut twisted.

A warm hand touched his back. Closing his eyes again, he remembered where he was…at her place. Safe. “I’m sorry to wake you,” he whispered in the dark. His arm draped over a bent knee. Think a minute. Breathe.

“Did you have a nightmare?” She sat up and wrapped her arm around his shoulder. “Don’t be sorry. I’ve read about PTSD.”

That word made him cringe. “I don’t have PTSD. Not a nightmare. I just woke up. Please don’t mention that again. It’s a habit… Wake up to check surroundings.”

“All right, but you’re safe here.” She laid her head against his shoulder and smoothed her hand over his arm.

Dane pressed his head against hers. “The nights might get worse,” he said, hesitating before going on. “Especially when there are nightmares…” 

More about this book can be found HERE.

Side note:

❤ Our snippet today comes from the book I asked for votes on in the September Cover War at the Masquerade Crew website. I don’t know if I mentioned this yet, but there were no September results due to a polling issue.

Of course, I was disappointed because a lot of people I know voted for my book cover. Thank you again if you’re one who did vote. Your votes were greatly appreciated. The host of Masquerade Crew will add all of the September and October books to the December cover war. This means we start all over. I’m kind of down and torn about that, and I don’t feel right about asking for votes again so soon. Maybe I will, but it’s too soon to decide.

(You might also remember the struggle I had naming this book.)

Two or more new books are coming in 2016. If interested in being notified of new releases or important book updates, my mailing list can be found here. Thank you in advance. 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend. GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!