Hi there! This is the Oops Post from the other day. M’bad for hitting Publish instead of Preview. But now, it’s time to post this. Enjoy those Dangerous Millionaires from Author Debra Andrews

Author Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

Hi folks. Sometimes I do a guest promo post. Not often, but every now and then I will. This is one of those times.

Debra Andrews is a Romantic Suspense Author writing Glitzy, Sexy Romances with a Dangerous Twist. She invites you to come meet the elusive, intriguing Millionaires who will steal your heart and keep you flipping page after page.

Dangerous Millionaires Series


Weekend Wedding Deception

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“Lies, Betrayals, and Second Chances”

Guests have gathered for an elaborate weeklong house party before a wedding at the McAlister mansion, owned by billionaire Mr. James Farrington, patriarch of the family:

The worst thing that could happen to Abby Warren is to run into her ex-boyfriend Jack at her best friend’s wedding. When the man who broke her heart strolls in with Abby’s beautiful ex-roommate clinging to his arm, Abby is sure things can’t get any worse. Dateless herself…

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