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This will be a little longer than a short snippet today, although I modified it a bit for this post. After all, it is Halloween at the Double Dutch Ranch. From Cowboy Boss and his Destiny. Nora thinks she has one over on Tristan. She couldn’t be more wrong. Her costume is a sheriff’s outfit.


Nora did her best not to crack up when she gazed at Tristan. His hair was slicked back. He had a yellow bow tie on a white shirt, top button so tight it looked like it’d cut off circulation, and a multicolored pull-over vest over it. She fiddled around to loosen the bow tie a bit.halloween bow tie

“Thanks, now I can breathe.”

She dropped her gaze to his too short khaki pants, striped socks and red, high-top tennis shoes.

“Daddy’s a geek.”

Nora almost fell to the floor like Destiny had earlier. Her laughter was uncontrollable and her mustache fell off. “Your daddy is a geek!”

halloween glasses“Is it that bad?” he asked. “Well, ladies, I guess while you’re both using me as the butt of your jokes, I might as well go all out.” He pulled out a pair of black framed glasses and stuck them on his face.

“Daddy, your glasses are broke. There’s tape on them.”

Nora laughed hysterically all over again. “Well, rancher, all I have to say is I’m glad you didn’t lock your keys in the truck today, because you’d be breaking that window.”

“Ah, ha, you finally admit it. You stopped to help because I’m hot.” Tristan chortled.

“No comment.” Nora removed handcuffs from her back belt loop. “I do believe I have to arrest you.” She picked up the mustache and it no longer stuck to her skin so she tossed it on the table.

“Why are you arresting my daddy?” Destiny grabbed the mustache and tried sticking it on her own face.

“Because I’m the new sheriff in town.” She knelt and whispered. “It’s a joke, honey, part of the costume.”

handcuffs“Yeah, but we’re using these instead.” Tristan pulled out a real pair of handcuffs. He clicked one ring around his wrist and the other around hers. “Shall we go?”

Nora gasped. “What? Where did you get these? Take them off. Where’s the key?”

“Don’t worry about it.” He tossed her plastic cuffs to the sofa. “It pays to be friends with the real sheriff, darlin’.”

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