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PrintForgive me for posting two in a row today, but the previous Veterans Day post was time-sensitive.

Here we are eleven days into NaNoWriMo2015. Since I haven’t written yet today, I’m posting my progress for the first ten days. I must admit I’m off to a running start, but this is how I do NaNoWriMo. Writing is my full time job since retirement, so it’s only natural for me to keep the “butt in the chair.” When I worked, I still followed my plan to write what I could, when I could, even if it was a hundred words at a time.


Nano stats 11 11

What am I writing this year? One night before falling asleep, a song came on, and as the song slowly revealed itself to me, so did one little story idea. Out of nowhere, this whole image for the hero took over my mind for the rest of the night, including his first name and what he looked like, so I had to write it all down. This happened a couple months before NaNoWriMo. The note got tucked away for future use. Here I was with two books already started, so no way could I begin another one at that time. “Ahem…” said little miss sexy innocence.

As usual, this persistent cowboy wouldn’t leave me alone. I know he was in cahoots with my muse. (They always are.) He stole into my thoughts at night, during the day, and plainly whenever he felt like it.

Recently, I began writing with a focus on the hero, but most of my book ideas have started with the hero. Could it be because there have been so many men in my life? Cowboy face hiddenI had four brothers and no sister. Only one is still here with me. Even my own children are male. Out of eight cousins, seven of them are male. My youngest brother had three sons. My oldest brother had one (and a daughter). My dad was one of three boys. My first husband was one of three males. But, I digress…

The story has since taken a total different turn from the first idea. This is a good thing, and there it was right in front of me from page six when I wrote: “…unless you want to count the time when I was twenty and ran off with my seventeen year old high school sweetheart.” Bringing this character in was the farthest thing from my mind, but not my stubborn little sexy-innocent muse. I had a feeling she knew it from the start. I love her so much. The new idea was the right choice, but WOW, did that change things. The words have been flowing off my fingertips so far.


Thirty Days


Writer picDuring this thirty day writing period, most participants find that the second week of NaNo is when writing and ideas begin to slow down. The third week can be grueling and you wonder why the heck you even started, but you’ve come so far… Don’t stop yet.

This new story has not only given me a new book, though. A whole new idea will be revealed later.

Now you know what I’ve been doing for the last ten, now eleven days. How about you? If you’re participating, how’s it going for you?


information about Masquerade Cover Wars.



Some of you might remember that back in September I had Of the Cowboy’s Own Accord in a cover war. Well, that September cover war, as well as October, had no results due to polling issues. Now, September and October Covers are combined with November and December Covers, and a new polling site is being used.

This has become a big cover war now with 113 books that can all be voted on, and you can vote daily. But, since you’re reading this from me, and my book is again in this cover war only because of the previous polling issue, I’d love you to also vote for my book. Once you click to vote, the books are in alphabetical order. Thank you! http://www.masqueradecrew.com/2015/11/cover-wars-november-december-2015-vote.html

I was reminded the other day that votes in this contest are really a popularity contest and the covers aren’t professionally reviewed and voted on that way. So please vote ONLY if you like my cover enough to see it win. The only thing I’ll win is some free promo, so I’m doing a lot of work for a shot at free promo. That can’t hurt any writer.

For those of you who want to enter a cover judging contest by a professional cover designer, you can find one here: http://www.thebookdesigner.com/2015/10/e-book-cover-design-awards-september-2015/

A while ago, I entered a cover there and it was chewed up and spit out like a bad taste, by the judge. That stung a bit since my covers are professionally designed.

Thank you for stopping by today. Onward…

Good luck to NaNoWriMo participants. Have a rocking week.


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