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This coming Thursday in my country, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving. Bull riders enjoy holidays, too. Caulder and Velia hosted Thanksgiving and you’re invited to sit at the table with their families. You’ll meet Ric and Lidia Armano, Velia’s mom and dad. If you’re familiar with the series, you know Ric couldn’t leave Chicago without Roy and Nero in tow. Don’t worry, they’re harmless. *cough* Caulder’s parents Aiden and Dolly flew in from the McCutchen Ranch in Pennsylvania. Grab a chair, a glass of wine, and join them. Salute! Stick around for dessert and you might hear some interesting family secrets, or not. La Vita e Bella

This short snippet comes from Hey, Cowboy, Book Two in the Bull Rider Series. Both books in the series have recently been updated. Look for book three in 2016.

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At 3:00 p.m., Velia stood back and admired the lavishly set table.

Lidia kissed two thanksgiving table 2fingers and splayed them out in front of her. “Perfetta.”

After rounding everyone up, and they waited at the table, Velia carried the platter with a golden brown turkey to the dining room, placing it in front of Caulder. He stood at the head of the table and picked up the knife. First off, he glanced at her father and held the knife out to him. “Will you do us the honors?”

Ric peered at Velia and back to Caulder. He stood. “Is your home, Caulder. The honor is yours.”

Velia choked up then and there, her heartstrings tugged to their limit. Her mother patted her hand.

Caulder took the knife and made the first cut. He said, “To every one of you—thank you for coming to our home. I’m thankful, and lucky, to have both our families here together.”


Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate the holiday.

Mary J. McCoy-Dressel Books © Arinahabich08

Mary J. McCoy-Dressel Books
© Arinahabich08

Cosy fire a-burning bright,—
Cosy tables robed in white,—
Dainty dishes smoking hot,—
Home! And cold and snow forgot!
~Louise Bennett Weaver and Helen Cowles LeCron, “November,” A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband with Bettina’s Best Recipes, 1917

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