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How about a few updates, etc. before we get to my Short Snippet Saturday?

Did you notice I finished NaNoWriMo? I hit over 50K on November 23rd. Yep, that’s over 50K words in 23 days. I’m still counting words until the end of November.


This is over now. I hate to be a pest, but I’m asking again for votes for Of the Cowboy’s Own Accord book cover. Please forgive me for asking again, but doggone I’d love to move past that freaking 1% in the poll. Please don’t leave because I have asked again. Just  ignore it if you’re not interested. This will end soon. UPDATE: Sorry to sound so greedy to ask for a vote on my book. You can also vote for all of the books listed., and you can vote for them daily. Thanks.


Now on to the reason for Saturday’s post. Here we go with another Short Snippet Saturday. Meet Jake and Beth.

My heroine decided to play hooky from her job today. Our hero was right there to accommodate her, although it was his idea in the first place. Are you surprised? Unedited version.


Once they got on pick up truckthe highway, Beth pulled her jeans from the bag, unsnapped her dress pants, and slipped them off.

Jake almost lost control of the truck when it ran off the road. “Girl, you need to warn me before you do something like that.”

Beth chuckled and sat there in her red bikini panties before pulling on her jeans. “You didn’t have to look.”

“What if I hadn’t?”

“Humph!” She pulled her jeans on, giving him a show she hadn’t expected to give red underwear 2him. When she glanced over, sweat beaded on his face. She removed his hat and fanned him with it. “Down boy.”

He straightened his back and glanced out of the corner of his eye to the opening at the top of her shirt. Beth nonchalantly pulled her blouse together, but she wouldn’t button it. “What are you trying to see before you wreck your truck, rancher?”

“Tell me one thing and I’ll keep my eyes on the road. What color is your bra? Does it match your red bikini underwear?”

“What bra?”

The truck hit the shoulder of the road. He laughed so hard he choked, and then he coughed until his eyes watered. “That’s the girl I remember. Let it all loose, baby.”

This excerpt is short and sweet. Thank you for reading today.

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Have a fantastic weekend!