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Since Howdy, Ma’am is on sale right now, rare–I know, I’ll reblog this interview with the heroine, Velia Armano. Take a minute to get to know her. Enjoy.

I’m in the process of writing the end to the third book in this series right now, so forgive a Reblogged post. Have a great day!

Author Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

Meet Velia Armano

dreamstime_s_10837833_thumb.jpgI feel so attached to Velia Armano, the heroine in Howdy, Ma’am. Spunky, feisty, beautiful…an Italian photographer hired to do a job for a season. Yet, there’s a side to her that holds tight to her wall of protection. Her heart isn’t ready; she still harbors pain and fear. Recovering from an abusive relation from her ex-husband, she had to learn how to trust. But in six months time, she learned to live again, regained her self-worth, and found confidence. Still my heart cried for her many times, both for good and bad reasons. Little did I know book two would bring…another round of emotions.

I reached out and hugged Velia Armano when she walked in the room. My heart feels her silent pain, and I almost teared up.

Me- Velia, I just wanted to hug you because I know the hell you’ve been through.

Velia I…

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