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Monday Inspiration for the Muse has been changed to Tuesday Inspiration for the Muse.


We all know I love writing western romance. Duh! I also love fictional and real, rowdy cowboys. Here’s a few other examples of what inspires my muse. Oh, and what inspires me, too!  ❤

ranch hand 2


Long-haired bikers in leather make me wanna be bad.



I listen to country music and classic rock. While writing Whispers of Forever, I listened to Oldies because it was my heroine’s favorite music.



Well, this will be a shocker… I also love Vittorio Grigolo an Italian tenor. Did I mention that I love so many things Italian? Food. Music. Language. The people… Prosecco. Chianti. Vittorio’s voice is inspiring depending on what I’m writing. Since he’s my favorite tenor, I had to give him to my Italian heroine—Velia in the Bull Rider Series to be her favorite too. I recently came across this video on You Tube. It’s long and takes some time to listen to, but if you like this kind of music, it’s worth a listen. If you don’t get past the first song, it’s still worth it. You can see in his face how much he loves his music.

With all the rowdy cowboys & bikers I like to dream about, and the rock and roll & country music I listen to, sometimes I need “calm.” This is one of the “calms.”

Enjoy today’s melody: “…Recorded at Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli, Italy”