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Thirteen Firsts: This time it didn’t take long to come up with a list for my Thirteen for Thursday post. In fact, I had seventeen items on my list in the beginning.


FIRSTS: In no particular order-

1. Love ❤: Ron *Sigh* My soldier boy. I still have his dress Army hat. I dedicated Of the Cowboy’s Own Accord to him.

2. Camera: When I was a child, my dad gave me an old Brownie box camera he’d had around the house. (Similar to the photo.) I loved that camera. He always had a camera within reach.


2. First Marriage: I had a simple church wedding with family and a few friends. My dress was knee-length with an overlay of Chantilly lace. It was a cross between these two because it had long sleeves and the ribbon at the waist. My dad walked me down the aisle.

Stylish-Knee-length-Lace-Wedding-Dress-With-Ribbon-Belt-p-TBQW115wedding dress

3. Child: Congratulations! It’s a boy. 🙂 5 lbs. 13 oz. He had a head full of dark hair.


4. Graduation: High School. School colors were Blue & Gold. College. I was a married adult with two kids. My cap was black with a gold tassel.


5. Car: An old Ford with a standard transmission. Boy, did I do a good job of burning the clutch out of that old beater.

6. First vehicle I bought on my own: A brand-spanking new Dodge Ram pickup truck. Fire Engine Red. Roar!

7. Small Press Book Published: Visions of Enchantment. A time-travel romance.

8. Teel Blue Books Indie Publishing Imprint: Howdy, Ma’am #1 – Bull Rider Series

9. First beer: Colt 45. Yowsa! Strong stuff.

10. Wine: Boones Farm. Aw, come on, don’t hold it against me. I’m guessing it was Strawberry Hill.

11. Broken bone: Middle finger on left hand. Ouch, but that hurt! I spilled a lot of four letter words that instant. (Four years ago)

12. First computer: Windows 3.1 You did read that correctly. First Laptop: Sony Viao. (Thanks to my oldest son for the laptop.)

13. Job: Other than babysitting: A steel factory. I met my best friend here. She’s still my best friend. Hi, Maggie! 🙂



I’m glad this was a list of only 13 because it could go on and on.

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