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This week I decided to do a snippet from the third book in the Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight, a contemporary western romance series. Of the Cowboy’s Own Accord features the youngest brother at the ranch. I hope you enjoy the short snippet. Dane is my Army Ranger slash #Cowboy and a hero who stole my heart. This is from his mom’s point of view.

Judy went to the stove and poured herself a cup of tea. “Can I get you something to eat, son?” It was almost like a dream to have him in her kitchen. Closing her eyes a moment, she popped them back open to see if he was really there.

Dane already went to the fridge and took the flyer for pizza from the magnet. “Let’s get this.” He removed his phone from his pocket and ordered. When he put the phone down, he picked up his Duffle bag. “Same room?”

“For goodness sakes, you have the same room. It’ll always be your room.” She detected that smirk. He teased. At least he still had that tease in him.
She watched him leave. From the back, it looked like nothing was wrong. A handsome soldier decked out in an Army service uniform. He had all his limbs, and that was good enough for her. “Dane?”

He glanced over his shoulder from the doorway and lifted his chin in question.

“Your girl? She never came. Were you able to get in touch with her?” Dane didn’t like talking much about his personal life, but his personal life had been the military for years now—meant to be private. Maybe he didn’t have an issue with non-military life.

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Amazon #1 Best Seller

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