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Do you love that word “euphoric or euphoria?” Mmm, I do. It conjures up all kinds of images for sensual, romantic love. I present to you Saturday’s short snippet. Today, I mean it when I say “short snippet,” but it’s sweet. 🙂 Maybe it’s a little mushy but I’ve been accused of that before. What’s wrong with a cowboy in love?

Y’all have met my bull rider before. Trust me, there is nothing mushy about him, but one thing can turn him to mush. His heroine.

Italian class meets Bull Rider rowdy. Sparks will fly in the Bull Rider Series Books. Book Three is coming in 2016. More sparks!

Enjoy the graphic.

I set up a page for book three. Yes, it has a title now! It has for a while, but I kept it secret until I leaked it to my Mailing List.

Enjoy your weekend.

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