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winter 2015 first snow 5

I’m bringing back an old topic I wrote about in previous posts. SNOW. I could Reblog a Thursday 13 post, but I won’t because that year was a record breaking year for snow totals and cold temperatures, so I may never see snow like that again in my lifetime. This year has been mild, well, up until the beginning of 2016.

This quote comes from another post I wrote about winter.

I don’t trust March.  It’s like an unruly kid who does whatever he/she wants, whenever.

Of course, I’m writing this in March and the quote is still true this year. Yesterday, it snowed again, which is the second snow in less than a week. Saturday will bring more snow. The picture above is the first snow of 2015, but it was early in the day. It had turned out to be about nine inches by nightfall.

This time of year there are a lot of complaints about the snow and cold. Let’s rephrase that last sentence. I complain a lot and only speak for myself. The bad part about snow this time of year is ice. Temps warm and then they drop. The thaw freezes. Snow gets heavy to shovel. Traffic accidents happen. People fall. Wipers get frozen to the windshield. Fisherman (and kids, ladies & animals) can fall through the ice on lakes.

My car is in here somewhere.

My car is in here somewhere.

A young guy bagging my groceries the other day warned me a snowstorm was on the way. I told him I didn’t want to think about another one. The cashier chewed us both out for complaining, saying if we didn’t like it we could move because it’s like this every year. It’s nothing new. In a kind voice, I told him, “Not everyone can just pick up and move.”

On the positive side, snow is pretty to look at when it’s coming down. It can come down in large, slow-falling flakes, or so hard and fast that it becomes a whiteout, and you can’t see for a few yards in front of you. If it’s windy, it’ll blow sideways and sting your face.

When fresh snow isn’t walked or driven on, it’s beautiful. I call it virgin snow. Depending on where you are, walking in falling snow can be quiet and ethereal. It’s also nice to see trees with snow on the branches or pine boughs.

snow day in March2

I’m not a skier nor do I ride snowmobiles. I’d ride a snowmobile if I had one. You probably can’t live here and not drive on a lake at least once in your life, although no matter how thick the ice is, it terrifies me to be on the ice in a vehicle!

The icicles remind me of Christmas icicles lights.

The icicles remind me of Christmas icicle lights.

When I was young, I used to ice skate, but didn’t mind the cold and snow then. It’s been about fifteen years since I wore skates, and a lot of the time I was on my butt. Maybe it’s the old bones now that can’t take the cold. 🙂  When I was a kid, I’d go ice fishing with my dad “up north” at my grandma’s house on a lake. I swear it snows daily up there.

Then there is sledding. One word describes sledding = FUN! When you live in the Great Lake Basin area, you really should do these winter activities. My fur baby has old bones now, too, but she doesn’t seem to mind the snow. ❤ Bull riding is my favorite spectator sport and hockey comes next. Hockey. Winter. Uh huh, it goes hand in hand around here. Go Wings.

Mush little doggie!

Mush little doggie!

Even in winter, it’s kind of a privilege to live around so many large lakes. Did I say large lakes? How about Great Lakes? Looking across one of the Great Lakes is like looking out over an ocean. There is no other side in view and the horizon goes on forever. Well, heck, in this picture the background goes on and on over Lake Michigan. Off topic, but I love these lakes and have done many lighthouse tours around my state.

Sunrise over Lake Michigan from Chicago.

My state has more lighthouses than yours, but that’s another post.

I heard cardinals singing recently when the snow melted for a couple days, but I haven’t seen a robin yet. Spring is around the corner, so to speak. I can’t wait, but before long I’ll be telling you how hot it is. 🙂

Snowy branch

Stay warm or stay cool depending on where you live. Have a relaxing upcoming weekend.

This video can show you a lot more winter excitement than I can at the moment.