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Trust yourself?

If you don’t, who will? Sounds easy to see two little words scribbled out on a banner, huh? It is easier to say than to do. For many human beings, trust is only a word. The phrase “Trust Yourself” has a deeper meaning.

Trust 2

To trust myself? How do I prove trust to myself? If you could see the inside of my mind and body when I prepare to put my written words–a novel–out into the public, those words disappear from my vocabulary…momentarily. Okay, in truth, for many minutes, hours, days… They are replaced with the word Fear.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, Western Romance, cowboys

In reality, I need to have an inner trust knowing that every day I’m exposed to the public–the world, which is exactly what I’m doing this minute. But, as I said above, if I don’t who will? It doesn’t take much for that trust within myself to waver, but when writing chose me to spill out those ideas my muse throws at me, I force myself to shove fear/panic aside so I can trust myself. Trust yourself. Right. Easier said than done. Trust yourself anyway.

Am I proud of admitting how “fear” can take over sometimes and blur that inner trust? No, of course not, but I’m only human. Am I the only one with that panic button lurking inside when it comes to exposing oneself?





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