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It seems I talk about my heroes more than I do my heroines. Maybe because I write some books with a hero focus POV, and I admit, they’re doggone hot. The heroines make the guys who they are as you see them. I love my heroines like daughters or a best friend.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel

I have decided to do a small series featuring my lady stars. 🙂 Part of my tagline reads, …And the Proud Women Who Stand by Their Side. Their side? Yes. Those gentleman cowboys who may have just a touch of bad.

Howdy, Ma'am, Bull Rider SeriesLet’s begin with Velia Armano from the Bull Rider Series. She was my first heroine in the most recent years. She’s a thirty-two year old photographer when the series begins. One day, a bull rider strutted into her shop catching her…and her heart, off guard.

She had been living in a self-appointed exile for the past six months, but those sexy flame-blue eyes drew her in, as he said, “Howdy, ma’am…”

I love Velia for her confidence, strength, and determination. She had recently gone through a rough time, and no longer takes any “bull” from anyone. This didn’t come easy because she had hurdles to overcome.

Bull Rider Series, Howdy, Ma'am

I had to ask myself– What kind of heroine would a bull rider want? Caulder wasn’t a one-night-stand kind of guy. Hey, he could use some extra publicity after being away from the circuit for a while! Bingo. In walked Velia, but in this case, in walked the cowboy. A reviewer pictured Velia as Catherine Zeta-Jones. I couldn’t agree more.

Bull Rider Series, Mary J McCoy-Dressel

Bull Rider Series, Jimmy Thomas, Western romance series

Velia has many faces.

  • Former travel photographer. Now, travels the circuit photographing bull riders.
  • She became a business owner in Tucson, Arizona.
  • She’s the only daughter in a close-knit Italian family.
  • A sister to two siblings.
  • She’s a cousin to a younger set of cousins.
  • She’s downright sexy without even trying. When she gets sexy on purpose– VeliaYahoo, look out bull rider.
  • If you’re a guest in her home, expect to be catered to and waited on.
  • Cooking is something she’s always done and loves doing it.
  • There is a lot more to Velia, but it’s best I don’t give away too much about her. She wouldn’t like that and she carries a concealed weapon. It runs in the family.

Do any of you have a question for Velia?

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Her feelings were still a little raw, but she granted me an Interview here.


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