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Waving! It sure has been a busy week in my world with writing book four in the Double Dutch Ranch Series, getting together images for a new cover, approving a new cover, editing Christmas at Love House before it goes to the editor, putting up a new blog post for my Meet Our Heroines mini blog series, and many other jobs that go along with being an author. Oh, and a pleasant breakfast out with friends who make me leave my laptop home. 🙂


Isn’t it supposed to be spring in my area of the world? It snowed this weekend and the temperatures plummeted to the low 20s F. One of my cousins who lives “Up North” had eight inches of new snow. I had a dusting but more stayed on my car than on the ground. But, I did get a brand new heating/ AC unit in my apartment. Just in time for the cold to come back! Funny how that works.


By the way, while we’re all here, I’ll take this time to say “Thanks” to those of you who voted for Of the Cowboy’s Own Accord in The Romance Reviews Readers’ Choice Awards. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive enough nominations to move to the final round, and it does feel bad when you’re so close. Maybe next year, I tell myself. I probably won’t do it again, ask that is, but if I do, please don’t hold it against me.

So, a little inspiration for the muse sounds like a good idea today because my muse and I need to get a book finished. Let’s get with the program then, right? You’ll find this quote on my About Page. It’s been there forever, and has been posted as far back as my old website. That means I really love it. (And I agree with it, too.)

Maybe your muse will like it too. Enjoy this short but sweet quote.

Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun. ~George Scialabba


Thanks for stopping by on my Tuesday Inspiration for the Muse Day. Have a fabulous week.

Spring image: Pezibear @ Pixabay (Isn’t that a tongue twister!)