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Oh, you caught me blushing. This isn’t Saturday, but look at my headline. No, I didn’t sleep through Saturday. Instead, it was a busy day, and I chose not to post the snippet that I had written. More on that one later.

Instead, I chose to write a snippet from Bull Rider Series #3. The cover is finished and I’m not too far away from sending my manuscript off to the editor. Shame on you! Of course you can’t see the cover yet. 🙂

Before we begin, I have a question. I do that often, huh? What do you think when you read, “Christmas at Love House?” What is the first thought that comes into your mind when you read Love House in the title? The full title is:

Christmas at Love House: A Bittersweet Interlude.

I’m only curious after having a short conversation with an author friend about my title. Thanks!

I guess we should get to the snippet! It’s self-explanatory so no set up is needed.

Caulder slid his hands up her back to bring her closer. Nuzzling his face against her neck, he whispered, “Come on, let’s get some coffee. It should be ready now.”

“You hug me like that and leave? Humph!” She grinned with an upturned face. “Is Natale up? Last night she said she was an early riser, but they were all up late.” Velia took his hand and they walked down the elegant stairway. At the window on the first landing, she stopped a moment to look out at daylight peeking over the horizon of the forested landscape. A honey sunrise greeted her, offering a view of blowing snow and silhouetted trees.  “It’s already snowing hard.” She peered over her shoulder. “Please be careful. You have a long drive to the airport.”

Caulder came back to embrace her from behind, speaking low beside her ear. “Darlin’, it’ll be fine. I ride big bulls for a living, I can do snowy roads. That’s why I drive that humungous four-wheel drive pickup truck.”

“Let’s hope so. It isn’t your driving that concerns me, but those other drivers who aren’t bull riders.” A sneaky grin directed toward him, brought a smile to his face. At the bottom of the stairs she stood on the first step and wrapped her arms around his shoulders when he stepped off. “I’ll miss you. Oklahoma seems so far away.”

“I’m not staying more than a day.” To be continued…

Bull Rider Series #3

Thanks for reading and putting up with my scattered posting schedule.

For a bit more information, check out the page for this upcoming book.

Sending good vibes for a fantastic week ahead.

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