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I found something new to inspire me over the weekend. As I finished up another edit on my manuscript before the editor gets it, I came across a scene that I totally loved. Yes, I wrote it! LOL.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel Books

I’ll share only a teeny tiny part of the scene in a graphic I made for Bull Rider Series #3. Teeny as in two lines. Maybe the image says enough by itself. I’m leaving out the full scene since this isn’t time for a snippet anyway.

This scene really inspired me, making me glad I wrote this story. A third book had never been planned for this bull riding cowboy, but readers wanted it. Oh, also? Browsing Romance Novel Covers by Jimmy Thomas is inspiring enough. Whew! He does passion with a capital “PASSION.” Jimmy is the sweetest guy!  ❤ I will use him again in my new series.

A short while ago I introduced Velia in Meet Our Heroines. This is her. By the way readers of the Bull Rider Sseries, it won’t be much more of a wait. Cover Reveal soon. As usual, my mailing list subscribers see it first.*wink* That was a lot of wording to introduce one simple graphic. 🙂

Here are the teeny tiny novel lines.

Bull Rider Series, Mary J McCoy-Dressel

As I say on the book page:

Let’s not look at this book as being early for this Christmas, but instead let’s say it’s late for last Christmas.

Remember I got sick and had to relocate at the same time? This book had to go on hold. What a spring/summer it had turned out to be. So, yes, I will release a Christmas romance in springtime, but with the storyline of this book, I believe it can be read at anytime of year.

Have a wonderful week.