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Welcome back to my mini blog series called “Meet the Heroines.” You can find links to meet the other heroines by clicking on—Meet Our Heroines. Thanks for visiting today.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance

Meet Gracelyn Clark from Of the Cowboy’s Own Accord. At thirty-one years of age, she is a former Army Brat. After working as a sommelier, and going through extensive training, Gracelyn acquired the title of Guild Wine Master. (I might have trained right along with Gracelyn via research!)

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, Western Romance

  • Grace lived in San Francisco, but landed a job in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Is sister to one sibling.
  • She is more like her father, Lieutenant Colonel Clark, than her mother.
  • Education has always been important to her.
  • Growing up an Army Brat, adapting to change is not a problem.
  • She appears to be shy but is sexy in subtle ways.
  • She tries to see the best in people, which has backfired more than once.
  • It was love at first sight upon meeting Boston, a Military Working Dog Military Working Dogs on Facebook.


Double Dutch Ranch Series, Mary J McCoy-Dressel, Western Romance


  • Gracelyn prefers to be called Grace…

She indicated no to another glass of wine but drew her attention back to him. “Call me Grace. Everyone does.”

He hesitated a few seconds, thinking about her full name. The sound of it reminded him of innocence, even though her persona kind of spoke the opposite. “Do you have anything against Gracelyn? It’s nice.”

She fingered a silver chain necklace. “No, not really. Most don’t use my full name.”

With a tilt to his head, he gave a cocky grin. “Maybe I’m not like most.”

Oh, that cocky cowboy/ soldier.

I enjoyed creating Gracelyn Clark, but I have had a blast creating and getting to know all of my heroines.

Double Dutch Ranch Series, Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance

double dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight, Mary J McCoy-Dressel

Amazon #1 Best Seller

Since this is the last of my published heroines to date, my next heroine really isn’t a heroine of her own book, but she is the heroine of the Double Dutch Ranch. She has a big role in all the books. Her name is Judy Carlson…our ranch mom.

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