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Ahh, sweet, sweet romantic love. It’s even sweeter when it’s your first love, or maybe I should say bittersweet when it comes to the couple in this snippet. You’ll meet Jake and Beth in the near future, but I hope you enjoy a snippet now.

A while back I mentioned starting a new series as a spin-off to the Double Dutch Ranch Series. Jake and Beth kick off that series with a holiday romance.

Whichever choice I make about a new series, or to add the new books to the Double Dutch Ranch Series, this book with Jake and Beth will move off the Double Dutch Ranch and onto Jake’s ranch. The Carlson family members will make their appearance in subtle ways.

Now to catch up here, and since this is Short Snippet Saturday, I better get to it instead of babbling. Again, I’m posting this on Sunday so you don’t have to check your calendars…it is my blunder, but done on purpose. Yesterday, I couldn’t get around to Mary J McCoy Dressel Booksposting anything. My little fur baby just got out of the hospital at midnight last night after an emergency. She was admitted and spent 28 hours there. It was darn lonely at home without her. She isn’t doing well. My son and I have to come to terms with this situation.

On to the snippet.


It had been many, many years since these two spoke to each other. Beth could’ve walked away when she spotted this cowboy from her past, but she didn’t…

Modified from its original writing. Eavesdrop with me in a quaint little eatery on U.S. 60 right outside of downtown Canyon Junction, Arizona.

He held his hat against his chest, fingering the brim. “Sure am. I have a ranching business now, so yeah, you can find me in the book, online, ask a neighbor.” He chuckled. “Talk to you later.” Heading toward the booth, he peered over his shoulder. “Welcome back to town.”

“Jake?” she called as he left.

Oh, Beth. Facing her, he lifted his head in a nod and gave another once over. She looked damn good in that little cotton dress with a denim jacket atop it, but it didn’t hide a glimpse of her alluring breasts. Low boots replaced the cowboy boots she’d worn as a teen. Her hair was ten times longer than before. A trace of a Texas tan still remained on her gorgeous face. Yet, a tiredness lingered in her eyes. Gulping, he managed to get out, “Yeah?”

Beth walked up to him and he got another whiff of her sultry perfume. “Is the Coffee Shoppe still in town?”

“Sure is. Hey, they even have my phone number.” Jake sighed internally at his foolish remark. Again, she smiled that same sweet smile he had found so irresistible in the past.

Coming October 2016

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