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Mary J McCoy-Dressel Books, Western RomanceWhile (still) waiting for edits to come back on Bull Rider Series #3, and don’t get me going on this, I’ve been working on the fifth book in the Double Dutch Ranch Series. My publishing schedule has been delayed on Christmas at Love House, so I have to keep busy on another book to keep from going insane–because of the delay. I’ve been down this road before.

I’ve passed the 50K word count mark in Lassoing the Last Dance, so the book is well on its way. Wait! Back Up… What the heck is Lassoing the Last Dance? *Smiles* Well, it’s a  new title!<3

This has been a hard book for me to write and I don’t know why. Working on two other books at the same time might have something to do with the reason. More than likely, huh? At least two books out of the three are written. This takes a bit of a load off my shoulders, but I can honestly say that I need a break.

This morning I added a new page for this upcoming Double Dutch Ranch Series romance. A brief tidbit about Randy, one of my newest cowboys, can be found on the page. Here’s an unedited snippet from the book.

Set-up: Randy, our hero, is about to do something he is unsure of doing, but he won’t be able to think straight until he makes this visit.

Albeit, he trudged up the steps, knocked on the door—hoped for the best. To his surprise, a man opened. Well, hell, this is uncomfortable.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel Books, Western Romance

“Yeah?” was all the stern-faced guy said when he pushed open the outside door.

“Is Roxanne around tonight?” Randy held eye contact with the man, having no clue who he was, or why he answered the door. Of all people, he hoped like hell it wasn’t her ex-husband. If so, he might deck him right there just for the reason of all the things he had done to Roxanne in the past. Then he’d be disappointed in her for having him here.

“I’ll get her. Hold on.”

All he did was yell for her, not go get her. Asshole.

 Thank you for reading.

It’s been a gorgeous week here. Enjoy your weekend!


Images: Pixabay and Glitter-Graphics