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Judy Carlson is our Double Dutch Ranch mom. She’s a widow and enjoys time at the senior center, although her boys think she’s much too young for the senior center. Years ago, her husband packed them up and moved to a rundown ranch in Arizona. She never once regretted it. She’s part of the reason the ranch is named the Double Dutch.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance

Today, Judy is a grandmother. In fact, she stuck around the Double Dutch Ranch after her husband passed away to help Tristan raise Destiny from infancy. She’s crazy in love with all of her grandbabies.western romance, mary j mccoy dressel, double dutch ranch series: Love at First sight

  • Judy plays a guitar and sings country music with her band of lady friends.


It’s no secret Judy caters to her youngest son when he’s around, and her two oldest boys razz her and him about it. He’s been an Army Ranger for fourteen years. Most of the time she has no idea where he is in the world. In her mind, it isn’t like she favors him more than the others, but it’s because she constantly worries about him. When he’s home, she wants to do what she can for him because once he goes back to base, she never knows if she’ll see him again.

  • No one likes this about her—she’s a matchmaker.
  • Everyone loves this about her: She’s cool and a good listener.
  • She’s the sister-in-law to Dolly McCutchen, our Bull Rider Series mom to Caulder.

Did I mention she has a guy friend? They met in book one. She insists he is only a friend, but they are still seeing each other in the fifth book.

  • Our ranch mom makes molasses cookies for the horses and Christmas cookies for everyone who “needs a cookie.”
  • She’s full of spunk and prefers to be the boss. Hmm, it seems three cowboys are the same way.

She’ll take no lip from any of those boys who at times have given it to her–especially Jase. They aren’t too old to get a smack now and then! Here’s proof from Of the Cowboy’s Own Accord:

“We asked you not to go.” Tristan dismissed her statement with a flip of the hand. “I see where we get our stubbornness from.”

“I don’t care, I had to go see him. Come into the great room, boys. Get comfortable.” She brushed her hand forward for them to lead the way. “And your stubbornness comes from your dad.”

“No, Mom, I won’t be staying. Time to get home.” Tristan stopped near the kitchen table. “I still have work to do before dinner.”

“So do I, Ma. I got horses waiting to be fed and watered.” Jase poked Dane in the shoulder. “We’ll let you spend time with your baby boy.” Judy smacked his arm. “Ouch, why you hitting me?”

woman-1006102_640“It’s time you stop the razzing. We nearly lost your brother.” Judy burst into tears, and covered her face with both hands, the reality of her statement encompassing her. All three boys hugged her. She did her best to get it under control but seeing Dane this way shocked her.

Jase ran his hand around Dane’s shoulder. “We’re all here for you, Mom. You know I’m teasing you both.”

“I know. I’m so emotional right now.” She wrung her hands at her abdomen. “I don’t have anything out for dinner.”

It’d be like Judy to worry about not having anything out for dinner. She loves to cook.

  • She’ll be the one who gets the whole town together to pitch in to help anyone needing help from a funeral to a barn raising.

It takes a while for her to trust women who attach themselves to her sons, but once she does, they’re automatically part of the family…

“I was leery at first for a number of reasons.” Judy pointed at Destiny. “That’s one.” She patted her chest at her heart and nodded toward Tristan’s chest. “Number two, your heart. I hate to see you go through pain again.” From Cowboy Boss

She treats the ranch hands like family. They’re welcome at her table any day of the week.

Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight, Western romance, book heroine, mary j mccoy dressel books

*Judy Carlson, our ranch mom is a real heroine! She’s had to be strong but her heart is soft.   ❤

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*DISCLAIMER: Images depict fictitious book characters, and are not to be confused with the real person in the pictures.