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I’m reposting this today using my iPad, which means I don’t have my computer. So many things have gone wrong this week, so please enjoy an older Short Snippet. 

Welcome to another Short Snippet Saturday Post. I woke up this morning thinking it couldn’t be another Saturday already, so I almost didn’t do a post today. Time flies by too fast sometimes. Am I the only one who thinks so?

About this snippet from Howdy, Ma’am: Velia is having dinner with her landlords, AKA self-appointed grandma and grandpa. She mentions a job offer she had received earlier in the day. (Modified a bit for this post.) By the way, the print version of Howdy, Ma’am is retired for now.


Edward fast forwarded through the recording and stopped at the first picturebull rider resized3 of Caulder as they introduced him. “That him?”

She gulped and tried not to drool. He was one hot guy for sure. Talk about being the envy of all the women around the circuit, if she took the job. The things she’d see. Her teeth pressed against her bottom lip, not sure how to react when he rode in slow motion mode. No doubt, to her there was something provocative about the way he moved atop the bull. She licked her lips. He stayed on the bull for eight seconds before the buzzer rang. Eight seconds didn’t bull rider resized w effectsseem like a lot, but with all the jerking, bumping, and grinding, it must’ve seemed like an eternity for the rider. It’s so sexy the way he moves on the bull. Warmth spread over her body, and she liked it. “How much of this do you have recorded?” she asked in almost a daze.

“I got almost the whole season.” He laughed. “I suppose you want to watch it?”

“Of course! If I’m going to photograph this guy I should at least know about bull riding…”



Whew, Velia’s reaction could or could not have been my reaction when I watched my favorite bull rider. 🙂 And maybe or maybe not still is when I see him ride. Update: My fav is on an injury break. 😒

Check your volume.

 Bull Rider Series #3 is now available. ❤️

Have a great weekend. 

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