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Mary J McCoy-Dressel Books

It’s time to revisit Tuesday Inspiration for the Muse. Where did I get the idea for today’s post? Every day while at my desk, I look at a greeting card I bought for myself. You read it correctly. LOL I did buy a greeting card for myself.

When I saw this card, I loved it. It also has my author brand color as the background.  🙂  Of course, the meaning can be taken a few different ways such as “life” itself. Since I’m an author, we all know how I took it. And I believe it, too.

I like what the greeting card says. Maybe it’ll inspire you today.

mary j mccoy dressel books, western romance,

Before I go further, I’d like to thank the person who wrote this card for American Greetings. I’m sorry I can’t give credit, but I don’t know who to credit.

Last week I removed it from the frame it sits in and snapped a picture of the card. I got the inside too, but I bought it for the outside. I wouldn’t say about myself what the inside says, but I’ll share the inside of the card. For those of you who have been around for a while, you might remember the post I had written about my greeting card collection.

mary j mccoy dressel, western romance


Now on to the “More” in the Headline of this post.


I used my iPad® to write this for last weeks Tuesday Inspiration post. My computer was in repair but it wasn’t broken. It wouldn’t accept a Windows® operating system Anniversary update, so it locked up. The tech took control remotely, but it needed more than he could do. The update didn’t install for him either. Five hours later, he told me to bring it in. The tech was very nice, and while the update was installing, he called a few times for updates on the progress. During the install, he didn’t have access to my computer.

I pulled out my old computer and felt lucky to have the old fella. My old one isn’t online because I don’t have virus protection on it any longer, so I couldn’t send the post to myself. On a happy note, I was able to type the end to Lassoing the Last Dance, and had written the ending out in longhand first while brooding over a number of things that had gone wrong last week. To avoid pulling my hair out, I began revising book two in the new series. Whew!

Thank God for My Passport® Ultra external hard drive, which made it easy to add my working files to my old computer, and then back to this computer. This is why Inspiration for the Muse didn’t get posted last week when I had written it.


Autumn Arrived! October is Here.


Last week it rained every single day. Highways were flooded. Cars were trapped underwater. Everyone got out safely. In my town, it’s a pretty autumn day today. Fall is my favorite season, but I didn’t expect to attend an outside wedding so soon.


In Love


My son and his fiancee are getting married this month! I was notified a couple weeks ago. True story.  ❤ ❤ They got engaged on a snowy mountain peak in Colorado not long ago. Seems my boy is a romantic, too. 🙂 ❤

Well now, didn’t this turn out to be a scattered post.

Y’all have a fantastic rest of the week!

Note: Expect a cover reveal for Whispers of Forever: Mending Christmas soon. Newsletter subscribers have already seen it.

Snowy Engagement Credit: Pixabay