Chances are, if you’re an author, your books are being pirated. I know mine are. Here is some very good information about a new service you might find handy. I’m reblogging a post from D. Wallace Peach with details about a new online service named Blasty.

I joined Blasty. It isn’t only for books, so if you have creative works out there, check it out. Here’s my Personal Invitation Link for anyone who wants to join.

Myths of the Mirror


“It only takes one click to copy and republish a creator’s original content without his permission.” – Blasty

Back in July, Debby of dgkayewriter and Damyanti of Damyanti-writes both mentioned a new online service called Blasty.

Blasty allows writers to sign up their books, and then continually monitors Google for infringing copies of content. Each suspect link is flagged to the writer’s dashboard, and the writer is given the opportunity to “blast” (eradicate) the link from Google with a simple click! No paperwork, no cease and desist notifications, no time-consuming and frustrating dealings with pirates.

Intrigued, I signed up. In four months, I’ve blasted 403 copyright infringements on 8 books.

Per Blasty: “Each time you click on “Blast,” a copyright removal procedure under the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) is automatically initiated, resulting in the complete elimination of the infringing webpage  from Google on a worldwide basis. Since Blasty has been approved…

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