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The Western Romance eBook Giveaway has ended.

axpgiveawaysCongratulations to the two Grand Prize winners who won all the books, and congrats to Kim, the winner who won a copy of my book, Whispers of Forever.  

Mary J McCoy-Dressel western romance

In case anyone is interested, there is another contest also going on. This one is at The Kindle Book Review. Why another one so soon?

Mary J McCoy-Dressel western romance

This isn’t so soon, but has been going on since February 1st and will continue thru February 15th. What else could it be in February but a Valentine’s Day Giveaway! *Look what you can win: ***Six Gen 8 Kindle eReaders! (Total value is $100 x 6 winners = $600)*** I want one of these myself. #AmReading


Love reading? Enter everyday ’til Feb. 15th!

 Click here for the Giveaway Page.

*From The Kindle Book Review: There is no purchase necessary to enter or win, but by supporting our authors we can continue to offer these amazing giveaways. If by chance you choose to buy any of our sponsors’ books, a portion of the cost will help support Teen Blast youth centers.

I’ve reduced the price on Of The Cowboy’s Own Accord during this contest.

double dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight, Mary J McCoy-Dressel

Whatever Tomorrow Brings… Their only choice is acceptance.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romanceEnjoy a surprise excerpt from Dane’s book.

From Chapter One:

Today, Judy Carlson tried to be strong for her family’s sake, yet her vow not to cry betrayed her. Dane, her youngest, prepared for his fourth extended tour of duty. He’d be gone in a matter of hours. She folded her arms across her chest while standing at the window in her bedroom—the majestic Superstition Mountain looking back at her. Dane headed to the barn after his ride through the desert. As soon as he untacked the horse, he would barge through the back door. Judy listened. Waited. A few moments later the back door slammed as she expected.

Tapping on the bedroom door drew her attention. She inhaled a big breath and blew it out. “Just a minute,” she said, grabbing a tissue to dab at the wetness on her cheeks and tossed it into the wicker trash basket beside her desk.

“Mom? Can I come in?”

Dane. She summoned up the strength to hold it together. “Come in.”

When he entered, he closed the door behind him. She forced a smile and walked around her queen-sized sleigh bed toward him.

He stuffed his hands into his front pockets and took a minute before making eye contact. “Can we talk?”

“Definitely.” Their eyes met, and for a moment she saw that blond-headed, blue-eyed boy asking for a cookie. She held her arms out and they hugged.

He patted her back while she patted his. “It’ll be okay, Mom. I hate leaving you guys to worry. You know I’ll be home before you realize it.” His voice came out with an unfamiliar cracking.

No, she didn’t. Every day was like a hundred piled into one while he was in combat. “I understand.” She lied. “Have you changed your mind about us coming to the base for the deployment send-off?” Send off? Like hell. Sending him off and not knowing if he’d return? It tore at her heart each time. “We can get plane tickets.” Judy wrinkled her nose at the familiar barn smells of hay and horses, on her son.

Dane stood straight, taking a minute before speaking. He nonchalantly brushed his hair back. “No, not this time.” He took a seat on her bed like he’d done as a teenager who needed answers to some big problem, like what shirt to wear on his first date. His eyes lowered. “It’s not only hard on all of you.”

It had to be hard for him to admit. “I understand.” Judy slipped her arm around his waist when she sat beside him, and leaned her head against his broad shoulder. “Why did you have to sign up again?” Oh, Lord, she shouldn’t be making it more difficult, because the choice wasn’t always his.

Dane sat sideways to face her. With seriousness in his eyes and a tilt to his head, he calmly said, “You know why—this is my job.”

Judy nodded. She knew why all right. Because he had to Ranger up. Well, she’d rather he did giddy-yup out in the Sonoran Desert instead of some desert thousands of miles away. She peered out the window to watch for a moment as the horses galloped in the pasture. An image of peacefulness. “Because this is what you do.”

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